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I love you Danielle Rosa

I typed your name

i had a bit of an idea about what my entry would be. a bit of an outline, sentences, but christ now i don't even know how to fucntion, i'm so happy it makes me sad, but not sad. but here are the sentences and thoughts that were and are and then some that became.

listen. my house smells like peaches, my mom is makeing something with them, she's boiling a big pot of peaches downstairs, prolly went picking. my whole house

I pulled the bell of the bus two stops earlier then i was supposed to. but i got off anyway. god forbid someone saw me pull the chord and think of me wierd. i'm fucking crazy man. so i walked two blocks that i wasn't supposed to.

next up i was going to type that i was going to type that i'm not going to get into what happened at my movie theater but maybe will recap later, but i won't, i'll forget and shit who cares. but yeah i don't like some people sometimes. given, a duh

alright now sunday morning before going to bed, she cried and held me and i fealt so good, you should've killed me then i would have died a happy man. she spoke words and sentences i've only dreamed of, that i've never heard or fealt before. it was so beautiful. i'm happy, not fucking jumping off the walls, i'm chilling but i'm fucking happy. lord. it's going to be a killer.
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