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pretty eventful day

i wans't gonna type, but now i will, first off it's killing me that there are no speakers here right now so no music, i can't live without the music

i did not go to bed till 5 in the morning, i was watching the ali frazier documentary. sun came up it was nice, amanda called me at about 12 maybe 1, we went to the salvation army where i used my skills and found some nice stuff for her, i put on a shirt that made me look french, it was not bought. i then ate four hot dogs, 3 with ketchup and one was ketchup and mustard. and amanda had a scicilian, supposed to be the best sicilian pizza in new york. i then went to the movie theater i will work at, yes baby i have a job, and watched video upon video upon video, for 3 hours. the best was the one titled "Give 'em the Pickle" so i got the job and i call in on thursday for my schedule. i then ran to danielle's house, on the way i had a moment with a jewish man. i folded a bunch of clothes at her house drank two glasses of water, talked and watched adaptation, which was so good for so long and then it just went bad, then alright ,so all in all an okay movie. waited for the bus for about a half hour because of damn sunday service, here in jackson heights i got a cup of coffee and an arepa con queso, they were out of bunuelos, fucking out! i walked home and that is all.
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